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D.O.P. / Director
Studio Shooting
Sennheiser HD 202
MTX Raven
Studio Shooting
Pro Tools
S3XV 3-Way Monitor


Professional Recording, Studio, Video and Lighting

Ali Abdul Sattar Studios is a creative solutions provider, Music, Video & Design production, bringing together professionals with strengths in various fields: website design and development, print design and graphic design, website promotion and business marketing. The studio fulfils its mission by delivering high quality, top level services for those individuals and companies willing to allow full expression of their goals and ideas.



We are dedicated to the art, science and experience of modern storytelling. Driven by our values of Quality, Integrity, Professionalism and Expertise we are relentless in our desire and commitment to help our customers achieve their goals. To our customers we pledge that we will take pride in delivering on our promise within your timeline and budget.

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